Croatian Volleyball Federation
Croatian Volleyball Federation

or shortly HOS from Zagreb, Croatia, was founded in 1946. in Zagreb. That same year, the Federal League for Men was established and in 1950 followed the Federal League for Women. However, volleyball to Croatia came in 1924 by an American, William Wailand, a Red Cross officer, who lectured on rules of the game in Split and Zagreb. First volleyball began to play in the military barracks and later on, it came out among the citizens. Currently, volleyball is the most widespread sport in the world and with 220 members of the International Olympic Committee makes the most numerous one.

HOS today is a non-profit organization, and the only national sports federation with the main activity being encouraging, supervising, fostering and promoting the development of Croatian volleyball, beach and snow volleyball. HOS is a crown national organization, locally present through 14 County volleyball associations. Within its structure, HOS recognizes different areas of activities, covered by National Commissions, that consist of relevant professionals, taking care of their own specialization fields:

  • Beach volleyball commission
  • Coaches commission
  • Refereeing commission
  • Competition commission
  • Registration commission
Above all, the expertise in development and strategy is given through 10 members of the Expert Council. HOS today, within it’s Federation counts:
  • more than 190 clubs, which players are participating in the National Championship
  • more than 20.000 young players involved in volleyball clubs, HOS’s members
  • 8 National Team selections

During the 90’s and the 00’s HOS produced dozens of international players who are professionally engaged worldwide in volleyball clubs competing in 1st league. At the moment, national selections are played by 160 players and compete in all major European and World championships.

HOS has a long history of hosting International championships in Croatia which can be seen from listed below:
  • 2018 FIVB World Championship European Qualifications M/W (May 2017, Zagreb/Varaždin)
  • 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix – Group 3 – Women ( June 2017, Osijek)
  • 2017 CEV European Championship - Women 2nd Round ( September 2016, Rovinj)
  • 2017 CEV European Championship - Men 2nd Round (September 2016, Rovinj)
  • 2017 FIVB U23 Volleyball WCH - U22 European Qualification – Men ( July 2016)
  • 2016 CEV U20 Volleyball European Championship – Men 2nd Round
  • 2016 CEV 19 Volleyball European Championship – Women 2nd Round
  • 2015 World Grand Prix – Women – group 2 (August 2015, Poreč)
  • 2015 CEV Volleyball European League - Men
  • 2015 CEV U18 Volleyball European Championship - Women Qualification, 2nd Round
  • 2015 CEV U18 Volleyball European Championship - Men Qualification, 2nd Round
  • 2012 Olympic Games – European Qualification – prequalification tournament
  • 2011 CEV Volleyball European League – Women
The biggest successes of Women’s and Men’s Croatian National teams throughout the history:
  • 2016 1st place World Grand Prix
  • 2014 3rd place World Grand Prix
  • 2013 2nd place European league
  • 2013 3rd place Mediterranean Games
  • 2009 3rd place of the Mediterranean Games
  • 2006 2nd place European league
  • 1997 1st place Mediterranean Games
  • 1997 2nd place European Championship
  • 1995 2nd place European Championship
  • 1993 1st place - Mediterranean Games

During season holidays and summer and spring breaks, HOS is organizing youth and junior volleyball camps for perspective athletes, giving them the chance to practice with top level coaches in Croatia, enhance their skills, gain a serious experience of professional trainings and connect with other athletes.

HOS as Organization

Organizationally, HOS office includes 7 professional members of staff, covering administrative, competition, national teams and beach/snow volleyball departments, headed by the Director. Besides the professionals, HOS has 50 permanent volunteer staff members, who are available throughout the year, for all different activities.