3rd Project Meeting in Warsaw

Croatian Volleyball Federation at the 3rd BIGG4VB Project Meeting in Warsaw

As part of the Erasmus + Sport project called “Better incorporation of good governance principles for better volleyball success”, BIGG4VB, the third meeting of the project team, consisting of six national volleyball federations and representatives of Zagreb School of Economics and Management and Faculty of Kinesiology Split, was held in Warsaw on October 7, 2019.

The main goal of the BIGG4VB project is to implement good governance of volleyball federations and clubs on the basis of ten criteria, and in cooperation with ZSEM and KIF Split, examples of good governance practices and adherence to the principles will be identified in national volleyball federations of Austria, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia.

After the meetings held in Zagreb and Rome, the third meeting was held at the Polish Volleyball Federation headquarters, where the first analyzes for all six national federations were presented, as well as the conclusions of previous researches by ZSEM and KIF Split representatives.

The meeting in Warsaw was attended by the representatives of the Austrian, Icelandic, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Croatian volleyball federations, where president Ante Baković, director Valentina Bifflin and secretary expert Frane Žanić, represented Croatian Volleyball Federation.

Future steps in the project will be based on the formulation of strategic plans for the all six national federations and on the creation of specifications for an online tool to control and monitor implementation of the plans developed.

The next meeting is expected to be held in early December in Vienna.