Italian Volleyball Federation
Italian Volleyball Federation

or shortly FIPAV from Rome, Italy, is the only recognized National Federation (by authorities CONI, CEV and FIVB), responsible for the organization, regulation and promotion of Volleyball, Beach volley and Sitting Volley in Italy. It also represents Italy in the Italian volleyball activities in the international landscape.

The main purposes of FIPAV are:

  • promotion, strengthening, organization and discipline of the sport of volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volley;
  • the development of competitive activity, the preparation of athletes and the necessary activities for participation in the Olympic Games and international competitions;
  • prevention and repression of the use of substances that could alter the natural physical performance of athletes adhering to the rules and fair play;

FIPAV is organized in local committees, set up in each regional and provincial district.

FIPAV has always been active in the organization of prominent international events including, for example:
  • Volleyball World Championships (Men in 2010 and Women in 2014)
  • Beach Volleyball World Championship (Men and Women in 2011)
  • Beach Volleyball European Championship (Men and Women in 2014)
  • Volleyball World Leagues (from 2010 to 2014)
  • Volleyball Grand Prixes (2013-2014)
  • Volleyball Final Six (2014)
  • Beach Volleyball World Tours (2010-2011-2013)

At the same time, in line with its promotional and social mission, FIPAV has also been fostering and promoting volleyball as a social and educational sport in schools and in various social strata which are not necessarily only at professional level. It includes a School Education Department and an Innovation and Research Office.

FIPAV develops initiatives and projects aimed at promoting the spread of volleyball and sports practice in Italy and, to this end, promotes and takes care of the professional update of technicians operating in the affiliated sports clubs. Through the action of national trainers, coaches/trainers (recognized by FIPAV), the Federation carries out workshops and training modules that cover different aspects of the game (technique, tactics and athletic training), also taking care of the preparation of related teaching material.

In carrying out its mission, FIPAV gives particular attention to the involvement of the most disadvantaged sections of population (minors and people with disabilities), promoting their inclusion and participation in sport.


The “VOLLEY S3” project, planned and coordinated by FIPAV School Education Department and addressed to the school world, is aimed at promoting sports participation and psychomotor development in the youngest generations. The project, recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), by the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and by the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee), is based on a detailed technical-didactic progression for each age, aimed at involving all the students in a simple, dynamic and fun way, promoting inclusion and socialization. The work carried out through the project and the training material realized allow the educational institutions to adopt a model able to implementing physical activity within the school, taking care of the training of school staff. As part of the project, FIPAV deals with the training of the SMART COACH, a special profile who must have skills that go beyond the role of coach and takes on features typical of an animator, motivator and educator. This profile is able to involve all the players, entertain them and make them passionate about sport while stimulating the sense of belonging to the group/team and their desire to learn. The SMART COACH also plays the role of facilitator, creating the conditions necessary to promote socialization and full inclusion of all participants.

The activities of FIPAV School Education Department are also included within the initiatives sponsored by Ferrero through the Kinder + Sport project (a social responsibility project created with the aim of promoting an active lifestyle among young people through the dissemination of sport). The project, carried out at the same time in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania, involves several national sports federations, in order to promote the values of sport and active life among the youngsters.

The FIPAV also promotes the practice of sitting volley (Paralympic volleyball), a discipline played while sitting on the ground, giving the opportunity to able-bodied and disabled people to play together without disparity. The aim is to overcome barriers by promoting sport among disabled people and enhancing an inclusive dimension according to the values of volleyball as a sport open to all. In addition to this discipline, FIPAV takes care of the training of coaches through the organization of workshops, the creation and dissemination of training materials aimed at enhancing the different aspects concerning the discipline both with regard to the involved subjects’ development and physical strengthening and their re-motivation and psychological support. In this context, FIPAV has activated a collaboration with the University of Perugia (Degree Course in Sports Sciences) for the preparation of training material for the coaches of the sitting volley.